Personal Interests

One of my favorite past times that also helps to keep me fit consists of riding my bike. I find that cycling clears my head and provides a great way to spend an afternoon. I do not cycle competitively, but I try to put as many miles behind me as I can.

Central Illinois may not have very many hills but there is no shortage of wind, providing an equally brutal obstacle to overcome. However, the deserted farm roads and panoramic corn field views provide a relaxing landscape to gaze at as I ride.

My passion for golfing started when I was only in middle school. Although, it is not always demonstrated on the score card, as I often don't get cheated out of strokes. I enjoy golfing with my friends as well as family. Despite all of my practice, I still have the same goal as when I first started playing; to beat my father.

Growing up in the Midwest I looked forward to large snowfalls, and ways to best take advantage of them. I have been skiing with my mother for as long as I can remember. I eventually graduated from the Chicago suburb bunny hills, to the Wisconsin slightly-larger-hills, to the Rocky Mountains. During my adventurous teenage years, I rode a snowboard, but I have since gotten back to my roots and returned to skis.

I look forward to getting out to the Rockies every year. Between the snow sports, swimming in an outdoor pool in below freezing weather, and relaxing in the lodge, a ski trip is one of my favorite experiences. I have been visiting the Rockies with my friends (Ian Adams & Evgueni Filipov) annually for over 4 years.

I have recently taken up amateur photography. To get started I purchased a Canon DSLR with several lenses. Since my girlfriend doesn't like the camera constantly pointed at her, my cat Newton gets a lot of the limelight. At special events, such as weddings, I am often the nerdy guy walking around with the giant camera. However, I feel the results are worthwhile. I am reading to improve my skill, but I hope to take a photography class in the future.